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United Online Pure Breeders is always looking for high quality dog breeders to register with us and be featured as our dog breeders. We list breeders who have pure breed dogs here by both the state and the breeds they have available.  Dog breeders in the United States can be listed on any puppy for sale listing site and sell their puppies to people who are wanting a new pet, but United Online Pure Breeders lists only dog breeders who have been through a series of registration and verification to be listed as a pure breeder with us.  We hope you find the quality dog breeder that you are looking for on our UOPB. Today, with the Internet , you can buy a dog without having to leave your home. It can be done right online. However, that would not be the best option, as you do not see the dog and cannot evaluate its health and temperament. But, you surely can go online for more information on local breeders in your state and other dog sale places. Where to buy a dog online? Google it. You will find many directories, where local state dog breeders are listed. Then you can select the breed of dogs you want and obtain contact information on the breeder. You can also read feedback of other dog buyers on dog breeders online. Another way to find local breeders in your state is to find web sites about the specific dog breed, you want. There you may find many ads of local dog breeders or links to local breed clubs, you can contact for more information. If you are looking for other places where to buy a dog, you may want to consult your friends, who have the breed you want. Look for ads in your local papers. Or, just go to a park for a walk. If you know of a place, where most people walk their dogs, you may meet the owners and pure breeders of the dog, you want. Another place to get a dog is a pet store. There are several pros and cons of buying a dog from such places. Many people report, that pet store puppies have health and behavioral problems. There is no guarantee, those puppies are well bred and are not mutts. Those are the reasons of not getting a puppy from a pet store. However, if you are looking for a true friend, you still might want to get your puppy there. This way you either improve or save its life. Who knows, what would happen to it if it does not get sold timely. Once you have answered the question of where to buy a dog, you should get prepared and find out how to select the right dog. Being armed with such a knowledge, you can make the right choice and make your new pet relationships more enjoyable both for you and for your dog to be. 

United Online Pure Breeders welcomes you to our site.  We have verified dog breeders with puppies for sale in all fifty states on the US.  We have featured breeds as well as featured states.  Our featured states include California, Texas, Missouri, Florida and Kansas.  All the breeders listed on our site are verified which makes our dog breeder listings better than any FREE dog listings.  On most dog breeder free listing sites dog breeders are not verified and not contacted to confirm they are real breeders, of pure breed dog breeders.  It doesn't matter whether you are located in one of our featured states or in another state we want you as a breeder to be comfortable. Are you visiting our site to purchase a puppy for sale?  Then we hope you see a difference in the dog breeders that you find here because all our dog breeders are verified and have pure breed dog breeds available. Finding the perfect dog for you can be done on United Online Pure Breeders.